A message to our toxic friends

Unfortunately, we all have that one “friend” who would never fail to do so! From constantly reminding us how badly we failed in our relationships to throwing snide remarks at us when someone else compliments us to telling us we don’t have the brains to take rational decisions – that one person can’t stand us being better than them and will put us down again and again. They would openly bitch about their own best friends and their family, boast that they are manipulative beings and be mighty proud of it, think everyone in the world is out to deceive them. LOL. I feel so bad for such people. sigh 😂🙏🏻❤️👸🏻👠

Sultry, sunny April

I just can’t believe that three months of 2017 have already passed! Winter is long gone and summers have taken over. It is really hot and sultry where I live. I am tired all the time because I just can’t bear the heat – the weather completely exhausts me! 

Funny – I am an Indian and I should be used to the heat but I guess not! Lol! Work has finally picked up its pace, my calendar is set and now in motion. I am happy to get back to the same old hectic routine, which means working till wee hours in the morning. I have no complaints!

This month is all about client meetings, new projects, lots of writing and scheduling, attending get togethers and dinner parties, and enjoying a short Easter holiday all by myself! As you can see – I’m really excited!!

Before I sign off – here’s a little “world knowledge” for y’all!

Best ❤


Marching Forward

life-gift-quoteHey everyone – I hope you all have an excellent start to the new month. I have begun watching a really old TV series that I used to watch way back in 2007, and I vividly remember relating to it a lot. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I stumbled upon it on YouTube today.

The TV show reminds me of so many good, positive things from back then. I had so many dreams and so many desires! I think when you are younger, it is easier to dream, it is easier to imagine your life in a certain way, and as you grow older, your perspective changes and everything around you becomes more real. The practicalities of life take over.

It is quite weird that this TV show has inspired me to start dreaming ‘big’ again or at least to start realizing and living my dreams. I am so nostalgic right now, but at the same time, I can’t stop smiling. It’s an amazing feeling for sure!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has never held much significance in my life. Somehow, on every Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I were either fighting or just taking a break from our relationship — only to get back within a month’s time. So even after being with him for close to 5 years, I never celebrated 14th February! It’s quite odd, isn’t it? I think it’s hilarious!!

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City of Stars

I am in love with this song! That melody can make you feel alive yet tear you up so easily!! I have been listening to it on loop since last week. Love it!!!


What’s your favourite La La Land song? 🙂

Good vibes to all in 2017!

It’s time to bid farewell to one hell of a year! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you will agree with me that this year, we saw a host of well-loved stars pass away, we experienced multiple waves of political and social upheaval and oh well, we also struggled with our very own demons!

I hope 2017 is easy on each one of us. Now neither you nor I can control the external factors, but we sure can promise ourselves to make it a fulfilling year!

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December feels

I just can’t believe it’s the 1st of December already! Just a year ago, I was in Gurgaon — living a completely different life. I was managing a home. I had a full-time job. I had an amazing friend circle. Let’s say I was too busy to even take note of anyone or anything else. I was content or well, that’s what I used to think so!

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