Totally zen

The last couple of weeks have been super busy. New projects, meetings, family get-togethers and travel has kept me super occupied. Everything’s great and I’m enjoying the challenges that come my way. I don’t fret or crib or get sad when something unexpected. Although yesterday I did want to murder a couple of friends that I know but that’s “one of those days”!

My birthday is next month and this year I plan to gift myself a trip that I have always wanted to take solo! Let us see how that pans out. Please prepare yourself to get swarmed with my holiday photos. I’m psyched about this trip and I am taking it at the right time in my life!

I am turning 26 this year and I will finally be on the right side of my twenties — that’s what I feel! Yay. As the second half of 2017 rolls out, I have promised myself a couple of things:

1. Spend more time with my mom

My sister is off to college, so that leaves the two of us. And since my dad is also away, things do get a little boring especially over the weekends. So I have decided to do something fun with my mom every weekend. Whether we go out for luncheons, or attend art galleries or shop — there will always be an activity planned!

2. Less cribbing, better people management

I have been dealing with a lot of people lately. I’m managing a few, working with some and working for others. It’s a riot because I’m not exactly a people’s person and I work the best on my own. There is also a lot of work in my plate — not that I am complaining — but it gets a little crazy sometimes.

In the last couple of months, I have realised it is super fun to work with a huge team. It is awesome to use communication tools like Slack and Skype (okay — now I’m sounding like a nerd). Working with so many people is a grand opportunity for me to learn from each other!

So, nooo more cribbing or complaining for me.

3. Get my investments in order

Yeah, about that! Well I am old enough to get my finances in order. In fact I should if I plan to invest in something big — like the real estate — in a few years’ time. It is time for me to start busting my bank branch to get things sorted out. Managing investments is a big task in hand! 😝

4. Be a better organiser of things

Since the beginning of this year I have struggled to organise my work. Something went completely wrong with my style of working this year and I don’t understand what that is. So I have decided to get a hold of things before it is too late.

You will find more active on social media now. I’m currently working on my portfolio so that I don’t have to search for my best articles when I need them. I’m going promote my work more often. I have also signed up for courses because I have stopped learning!

5. Reduce multitasking

No one can say “no” to multitasking in this age. But it is making me do my work in a half-hearted way. I don’t want that. I would like to work on a single thing at a time. I must find a way to do that, put a strategy in place so that I can achieve better results. Multitasking stresses me out, and I’d like to stay in in my zen zone please!

6. Take a trip with a girlfriend of mine

I have been meaning to hang out with a friend of mine for a very long time. But something or the other kept us from going a on a trip together. We have so much to talk about and so much wine to drink! Before this year ends, I do plan to strike this off my to-do list!

Great times ahead.


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