Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has never held much significance in my life. Somehow, on every Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I were either fighting or just taking a break from our relationship — only to get back within a month’s time. So even after being with him for close to 5 years, I never celebrated 14th February! It’s quite odd, isn’t it? I think it’s hilarious!!

Interestingly this year, a girlfriend of mine has ordered a pink rose cake for me to celebrate V-Day. I gladly did the same for her (we live in difference cities), and I am quite excited to indulge a slice of cake all by myself whenever it arrives today. Nothing makes me happier than cake! Another friend of mine gave me a red rose — and it’s beautiful!


I always believe that if you find someone you really connect with, you should never blow it because that “connection” rarely happens. So if you have found “the one”, hold on to them with your dear life and never let them go! Cherish every moment you spend with your loved one. Don’t just express your love to them. Tell them. Sure — your actions matter. But words? Words make all the difference!

If you are recovering from a bad relationship and miss your ex immensely, take your time; but most importantly find some peace with yourself — you need to love you first before you can love anyone else. Golden words, true words! Treat yourself to a nice dinner or go shopping. Retail therapy always helps — trust me!

Also — my favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan paid a little visit to me in my dreams. And the way he said my name almost made me die out of happiness! So yeah, this is my Valentine’s Day gift for this year, although it may sound supremely hilarious. I literally can’t stop giggling, LOL!

So that’s me wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you have a splendid day — filled with kisses and snuggles, and chocolates and great wine. Today is the day to just enjoy that incredible feeling of being madly in love. I hope you are loved, always.


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