December feels

I just can’t believe it’s the 1st of December already! Just a year ago, I was in Gurgaon — living a completely different life. I was managing a home. I had a full-time job. I had an amazing friend circle. Let’s say I was too busy to even take note of anyone or anything else. I was content or well, that’s what I used to think so!

There was a new experience everyday — some good, some terrifying.

Funny — how my life has changed since then but whatever happened only happened for the better! I also got to travel a lot this year, hopping from one city to another every month or so. Not everyone has this liberty, you know! So I am quite pleased with the way 2016 unveiled before my eyes.

The only thing I miss (for now) is the chilly weather. We don’t have that here in Ahmedabad. I haven’t forgotten my pretty ugh boots and super stylish jackets yet! I miss how my cheeks used to turn red during breezy auto rides and how much I enjoyed having hot chocolate at Chokola every week!

*Sigh!* How I cherish the little things!

Anyway the point is time doesn’t stop for anyone. The last 11 months literally vanished before me! But a part of me is secretly happy that 2016 is almost over. I think we all are — for different reasons!

So let’s make the remaining days of this year as memorable as possible. I am busy buying Christmas gifts for my family. I started off pretty late, so now I am just rushing — picking whatever I feel they’d like! But since I am an excellent “gift buyer”, I think I am okay. This reminds me I got to get back to this chore.

Happy Christmas shopping! 😉


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