Where every ‘crust’ is scrumptious

I wrote this Food Review two years ago. 🙂

Upper Crust is, undoubtedly, my favorite restaurant in Ahmedabad. The ambience of the place is simple and warm. It is always packed with a lively crowd, no matter what. I have always had a great culinary experience there. Whatever I have tried there has been appealing. But there is one dish that I have never been able to get enough of and that is ‘Olive Chicken Steak’ which I try every time I visit. The plate is an assortment of garlic bread, boiled vegetables, cheese spaghetti and chicken steak.

A heavenly plate of everything delicious! Photograph by Asavari Sharma.

I still remember the first time I ordered the ambrosial platter. The first thing that I tried was garlic bread. Nothing could compare to the essence of a freshly baked and fluffy piece of flour. The two slices of bread were stained in butter and this made them even more irresistible. The bread loaves easily gave in to me. They melted in my mouth with ease just as two lovers would in each others’ arms. Oh! It was just divine.

To continue the mouth-watering experience, the next thing I gorged on was fresh and reviving carrots and French beans. The two vegetables were properly boiled and sauteed with salt. Even though it was a simple preparation, it made a very powerful impact on my taste buds. It was perhaps the only nutritious portion on the plate.

The cheese spaghetti, on the other hand, was simply lip-smacking. It was the kind of food that will have you licking your lips in anticipation or as a kid would say, “finger-licking good”. The spaghetti was cooked to a perfect al dente. It was lush and creamy. The entire dish was topped by a sprinkle of ground black pepper that added a little kick to keep me continue relishing it. It was pleasing to the palate and without a doubt, the most sinful grub I had ever tasted.

Also, how can I forget to reminisce about the succulent and thirst-quenching chicken steak? The best thing about the steak was the olive sauce in which it was unreservedly doused. It was a perfect blend of spices such as salt, pepper and chilli powder to ensure an explosion of flavors in my mouth. To add spunk to the presentation, few bittersweet olive pieces were scattered over the steak which, by the way, was tender and chewy.

Cupcake, my love! Photograph by Asavari Sharma.

Ah, well. How can a meal be complete without a dessert, especially when chocolate chip cupcakes are in question? The muffins, which were on-the-house, were gorgeous; both in terms of presentation and preparation. Naturally sweet, there were small pieces of chocolate chips which were yummy.

Truly, the whole meal was fit for the Gods. Hungry, now?


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