Writers Rock, Definitely.

This is the age of start-ups. From e-commerce set ups to digital agencies, you will find ‘n’ number of companies mushrooming all around you. Sure, they’re employing people in hoards for content generation, social media management and graphic designing. And while it is rather tricky to comment on how well other departments are performing, content writing is definitely going to the dogs!

book-wallpaper-1024x576Recently, I got an offer to work as a content strategist with an online home store based out of Delhi on a freelance basis. After going through the complete job profile, I quoted my monetary expectations. They never called me back. Honestly, I was not trying to oversell myself. I was simply asking to be paid well for my creative services.

I’m not trying to glorify my skills as a writer here. I know where I stand and if I’m working for somebody, I want to be paid well. Writing involves a bit of creativity and unfortunately, such companies don’t realize the importance of writing that, by the way, requires extra amount of energy and time.

Let’s do a comparative analysis of what a content writer is capable of and what he or she is asked to do at most organizations:


A writer should:

1) Religiously generate content between the word limit of 3000-5000 EVERYDAY.

2) Forcefully meet the targets even if all his or her senses go against writing a word!

3) Be happy with a salary that can’t even buy a pack of peanuts.

4) Happily take criticism from CEOs/bosses who themselves can’t speak or write a sentence in English without making grammatical errors.

5) Again…feel content with the salary which pays, you know, so well!


In reality, my dear readers, a writer is:

1) Not a donkey!

2) Deserves a little respect from other people who hold designations like “Business Analyst”, “Head Strategist”, “Engineer” and “Bank Manager”.

3) A human being! And writing isn’t a mechanical job. It’s an art. It’s a creative process that can’t be bound within set targets. (5000 words/day? Are you fucking kidding me?)

4) Underestimated! The most stereotypical image of a writer is that of a sad khadi kurta-clad person with a sling bag writing poetry. That is NOT the case! Look at Danielle Steel. She is gorgeous and she lives in sheer opulence!

5) A respected professional. Period.


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