Let’s Talk About Keeping Our V-word Clean!

Summers are here! And so are the days when our bodies get unbelievably itchy, sweaty and prickly. While bathing twice a day and wearing loose, cotton clothes is a go-to option (it should be!) for us ladies in this heat, most of us don’t really focus on keeping a track of what’s going down there. Trust me, that is just bad.

That “part” of your body is the focal point of so many functions for you – periods, sex, birthing children and of course, peeing! So how can you not be protective of that intimate part of you? Relax. It is never too late to learn a few quick tips to ensure a healthy V-word.

Wash it with hot water

Please note that your private area doesn’t need to be washed with scalding water. Use lukewarm water down there while bathing. Your vagina is in fact a natural cleanser and needs to maintain a normal pH level between 3.5 & 4.5 to stay clean. Don’t use harsh body wash, avoid shampooing that region and don’t scrub it as well!

Dap it dry

Once you’ve taken a bath, make sure you wipe your vagina dry. Don’t make use of excessive toilet paper. It may leave your intimate area sensitive and red. Use a soft towel to wipe it slowly and carefully.

Avoid using talcum powders

Yes. It’s a myth that a fragrant talcum powder keeps a vagina fresh. In fact, it causes the risk of getting ovarian cancer by 4 times! And, even if you want to use a powder down there, opt for a anti-fungal powder that’s actually medicated in nature.

Apply a vaginal cream every night

Ask your gynecologist for the right vaginal cream for you. Trust me, applying it daily around your vulva will keep it naturally healthy and infection-free. Don’t use any medication without consulting your doctor.

Wear loose underwear

Sometimes, we prefer fashion over comfort and opt for sexy lingerie that may invariably irritate our vagina. There’s no harm in doing that once in a while. But let’s face it. In the long run, your choice of lingerie does affect your V-word’s health. So when you’re out for long hours, opt for underwear that allows your vagina to breathe. Cotton ones do wonders!

See, it’s not that difficult as it seems! Take care of your V-word like you do for your hair or skin. Embrace & take care of it with elan.


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