Ways to Perk Up Your Mood

If you undergo small phases in life where you feel terribly low or depressed and feel extremely out of place because of this, don’t worry. We all have the tendency to feel this at some or the other point in our lives. Whether you are a 17-year-old stressed about exams or a 32-year-old professional worried about work, it is entirely normal to get that ‘sinking’ feeling every now and then.

You may experience bouts of frustration, anxiety and record-breaking mood swings; the results of which have been terrible! Therefore, in order to stay sane, it is necessary to find ways to keep yourself out of the unfathomable bubble of negative thoughts.

Here’s how you can perk up the mood in times of distress:

Leave your bed

Source: HuffPost.com

No, seriously. Get out of your bed. Hiding all day long under the blanket is not a good idea. In such cases of total inactivity, you tend to think about everything that has (not) gone wrong in your life! There’s no way you can look at the brighter side. With your tousled hair, dirty night t-shirt and swollen eyes, you believe that ‘your life is over’! Don’t do that to yourself, please.

Get high on sugar

Source: WomanDot

This is the best! Have cold coffee, or make yourself a steaming hot cup of tea. Bite into hot waffles or devour an entire chocolate bar, there are many ways to get saccharine high. Oh, and that sugar rush is pure bliss. It’s amazing! It will make you feel really good, trust me.

Go for a walk

Source: ShutterStock

If you’re the kind who wants to vent it out anger/frustration through some form of physical activity, then good for you! Go for a walk. Talk to yourself. Look at the people around you, the dusty roads, cars maybe? The good part is you’re taking in fresh air that might knock some sense into your head!

Clean your closet

Source: Google Images

Trust me, cleaning a closet is therapeutic. Placing every bit of clothing in its proper place is like getting your thoughts back on track. Don’t you agree?


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