Ladies, Dress Like A Leader!

Being a woman entrepreneur in this ruthless corporate world isn’t easy. No matter how good you are at your job or how quickly your business is flourishing, there’s always a desire to be respected by everyone working under you. One of the ways to fulfill that desire is to take your work wardrobe very seriously.

Did you know that your attire at work can say a lot about you? Yes. Gone are those days when every professional would don a suit to work. Today, you have the liberty to choose your work clothes. Unfortunately, there are many definitions of casual and formal wear and it is easy to make major fashion blunders at work.

While most professionals dress to impress their clients or bosses, you have to dress to exude confidence and authority. So let’s take a look at five types of wardrobe that can do wonders for you at office.

1. Complete casuals


This is where there’s a high possibility of dressing up shabbily. If the dress code is completely casual, you can pick up denims, spaghetti tops, floral skirts, and even summer frocks! However, properly ironed and fitted T-shirts or blouses in subtle colors paired with a crisp and tidy pair of denims will do the trick. Also, don’t forget to accessorize your clothes with a nice pair of sandals.

2. Semi casuals


This dress code gives you the space to experiment. You know it’s casual but you also know, you can’t dress up in whichever you want. Usually, short or half-sleeved tops or blouses worn with a formal skirt in single colors looks great. Choose kitty heels to complete the look.

3. Executive casuals


This is a mix of formal and casual dress code; although it’s more inclined towards formal wardrobe. Wear a properly ironed shirt of any color and pair it with a formal skirt or pants in single colors. You can also accessorize it with nice pair of earrings or a watch! Go with close toe pumps or high heeled-peep toes.

4. Traditional formals


When it comes to dressing up in formals, show everyone that you are the leader! A neat and crisp formal top paired with either a skirt or pants will look great. Go for bright tops or shirts. Also, wear a single-colored jacket. Accessorize your attire with close toe heels or peep toes.

5. Complete formals


There’s no scope of experimentation here. Wear a simple collared top or shirt with a pair of pants or skirt. You can accessorize your attire with a subtle pearl necklace. Although wearing tights is optional, go for black or brown pumps only.

Remember – You set the wardrobe rules in your organization. So, make sure they are implemented in the right ‘fashion’. Also, be comfortable in whatever you wear. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll look.


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