What Can Go Wrong With Sesame Seeds

Your mother must have always constantly reminded you of all the benefits of eating sesame seeds in your teenage years. Even though you hated listening to the same thing again and again, you somehow ended up applying those little tips regualarly even today. It’s true that sesame seeds are very nutritious and make a perfect ingredient in culinary activities.

However, there are ill-effects of excessive intake of the product that I’m sure even your mother doesn’t know about. Some very serious drawbacks include allergies, excessive calorie consumption, Diverticulitis and Colon cancer! So let’s take a more detailed look into the cons of consuming sesame seeds because like they say, it’s better to be safe than be sorry.

  1. Allergy: Most of the restaurants make superfluous use of sesame seed products in their preparation. An exorbitant amount of the same is also available in processed bread. Unfortunately, people who have allergies should be extra careful about it because sesame seeds can trigger allergic reactions which can, sometimes, result in anaphylaxis.


  1. Excessive Calorie Consumption: You will be shocked to know that a 100 grams serving of sesame seeds contains almost 600 calories! Irrespective of their feather-like weight, sesame seeds are dense. Too much of the product in your food can actually make you gain weight quickly and you wouldn’t be able to point out the culprit in your diet!
  2. Saturated Fat: In addition to the enormous amount of calories, sesame seeds also carry 55 grams of fat per 100 grams serving. Out of the 55 grams, over 8 grams is saturated fat. Technically speaking, it’s a lot and it’s unhealthy to the “y”. So whenever you use them the next time, keep the “saturated fat” in mind!
  3. Skin Rashes: Itch, itch! Scratch, scratch! No, you certainly don’t want to be doing that. To avoid this ‘un-lady’ like activity, make sure you take different forms of sesame seeds in small quantities. So it’s true when they say ‘excess of everything is bad’!
  4. Miscarriage: Pregnant ladies, listen up! Consuming sesame seeds may lead to miscarriage. Many medical practitioners recommend the same especially if you’re undergoing complications in your pregnancy. So don’t take that risk!


  1. Diverticulitis: Diverticulosis takes place when small pouches develop at the colon’s wall. If these pouches catch infection or inflame, it’s called Diverticulitis. In short, it’s very painful. People suffering from either should ‘avoid’ eating breads and other products prepared with sesame seeds.
  • Ingestion: Did you know that some of the half-digested sesame seeds can get stuck on the outer wall of your appendix? Well, yes. That can happen if you have too many of sesame seeds. Unfortunately, this can do serious harm to the body. So save your appendix from getting infected.
  • Hair Loss: We ladies love our hair. We really do and for that we go to any length to make sure they stay healthy and shiny. Black sesame seeds is an excellent ingredient for the hair. But excessive consumption of the same can make the scalp really oily and dry up the hair follicles. This means only one thing – copious amounts of hair loss!

  • Sesame—Seeds

    1. Diarrhea: Despite being a brilliant laxative for the bowels, its intake in large quantities can cause loose motions. In worse situations, you can also suffer from diarrhea. So consume this product wisely if you want to avoid sitting in the bathroom all day long!

    2. Colon Cancer: Excessive use of sesame seeds causes irritation to the colon and can subsequently cause colon cancer. You can even fail a drug test if you have consumed too many of them. So one needs to be extra careful in their consumption to avoid serious and painful health complications.


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