Celine Boston bag: Latest fashion buzzmaker!


When Celine Vipiana founded the luxury brand, Celine, in 1945, she wouldn’t have guessed the buzz her brand would create 70 odd years later. Headquartered in Paris, the French ready-to-wear and leather goods marque has found a much-adored place in every A-lister’s heart. From handbags, and shoes to accessories and ready-to-wear attire, Celine has established its roots in every nook and corner of the fashion world.

The statement of the hour right now is undoubtedly the Celine Boston bag. Headed by super stylist fashion designer, Phoebe Philo, the French finery has, not so surprisingly, caught the eye of many Hollywood leading ladies. From reality stars Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to former Disney star Ashley Tisdale and “Gossip Girl” actor Leighton Meester, the Celine Boston bags are their constant companions.

Although Luggage Totes from the same brand also gained popularity, Celine Boston bags have found phenomenal success especially in the west. So what has made these bags such a hit in the fashion world? In addition to being a Celine creation, the Celine Boston bags are spacious and huge. This feature is perfect for women who travel a lot or simply carry lot of things with them wherever they go.

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As far as their design is concerned, they bags are well structured and have a unique yet relatable shape thanks to the side panels that fold on the outside. The Celine Boston bags are available in different patterns, textures and colours which means they cover a larger spectrum of handbag-loving women. From colours like ink, chocolate, red, and mustard to textures like suede, leather and snake print, the bags cover it all!

There is no doubt that the appeal of the well-respected French fashion house stretches far and wide. When it comes to money, Celine Boston bags are expensive and can easily cause a hole in your pocket. But if you spot these bags on sale somewhere, grab them with both hands. After all, it’s not everyday you’ll find a modestly-priced Celine creation for sale.!


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