Clean Your Home on Weekends Like This

With a full-time job, from Monday to Friday, it is a little difficult to keep your home spic and span. Your maid may sweep and mop the floor, tidy up the kitchen and even do a bit of dusting, but it will never be as per your standards. And if you’re a clean freak like this writer, you’re going to have a tough time embracing your space till it’s clean the way you want.

When Saturday finally descends upon you, your mind is unable to chalk out an achievable housekeeping plan. Not that your home is a hoarder’s paradise or unbelievably messy, you just can’t decide the starting point. Don’t worry! This article will guide your way through all the mess & dirt:

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Please note: I don’t own these pictures. 🙂

Start with the bedroom

This is one part of your home which is occupied the most. The first step is to tidy up the bed. If your bed linen needs a change, don’t delay it. Fresh linen can change the face of your bedroom space in a flash!

After that, organize your wardrobe. Believe it or not, a well-stacked closet is like a sorted mind! Hang your freshly-ironed clothes, manage your accessories and put your footwear on proper display!

Bathrooms need attention too!

Once you’re done with your bedroom, clean your bathroom. Use any disinfectant in your WC, spread a little Easy-O-Bang on the dirty corners of the floor, and smear Rin on the taps and washbasin. Leave the cleaning process in between. Let every surface soak in the purifiers applied. You can give a final wash when you’re later set to bathe!

Do dusting with patience

Even though this job looks easy, it is quite difficult to successfully wipe the dust off every corner of your home. Colin comes handy while dusting. Take a soft piece of an over-used but soft cloth and start with your living room. Clean the coffee table, decoratives, sofa sets & stools and the TV unit.

In your dining area, clean the dining table, chairs and food mats. Reorganize the fruit basket, stack the food mats and clean other pieces of furniture as well, if any.

End with the kitchen

Start by cleaning your fridge. It’s quick and will also give you an estimate of what vegetables you have to buy for the coming week. Then, clean the slab. You can either spray a bit of Colin or smear VimBar on it and wash it afterwards.

Whatever you do, always remember to leave the slab dry once you’re done. In the process, wipe your microwave as well which may or may not require cleaning. If you’re maid does all the cooking, make sure that your utensils and other appliances are properly washed and kept at the right place.

Pay special attention to the wall near the stove which might have oil splattered over it. Wipe the cabinet doors and drawers as well. Finally, empty the dustbin and mop the floor yourself.

Don’t forget to water your plants!

Finally if you have a bunch of plants & pots in your home, water them. In fact, make it a habit to look after them on a regular basis. Avoid watering them once a week or two days a week!

Now, sit back & have a steaming cup of chai. You deserve it! 🙂


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