Flaunt those lips

Summers are all about getting the temperatures soaring with some ultra-bright lip work. Let’s have a look at the “must-haves” of this season!

Red Hot

No one can deny that this is the boldest lipstick shade ever and Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz prove this right! The best thing about wearing this ‘classic’ shade is that you don’t have to worry about the rest of the face as your red lips are enough to turn those heads. Look at Gwen Stefani for that matter!

Purple Royalty

This is the ‘it’ colour of the season. From Rihanna to Lupita Nyong’O, everyone seems to be wearing purple once in a while!

In the Pink

Pink lips can never make a bad statement; provided you wear the right shade! There are high chances of screwing up with pink if it doesn’t suit your skin complexion. Nevertheless, it looks great and you feel hotter than usual.

Barely there, Nude

New bride, Kim Kardashian wears this shade a lot and so does her bestie, Ciara. It looks great especially if you have a dusky complexion. This is the safest lip colour and can even be rocked by someone who is not a make-up person.

Vibrant Orange

Pucker up with orange lips if you want to spice up your look. Orange looks great on ‘summery’ outfits and goes well with colours: yellow, khakhi green, white and light blue. Rachel McAdams and Kate Bosworth seem to be doing great in this department!


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