Here it stands stunningly in the corner.

Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University is an academic institution that was established in Ahmedabad in 1962. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in areas of natural and developed environment of human society and related disciplines. The beautiful campus became home to Kanoria Centre for Arts (KCA) in 1984. KCA holds a variety of art spaces within its surroundings like studio spaces and a serene art gallery. It is very popular among the Amdavadis. There is also this homely ‘Chauraha’ cafe which is known for its homemade foods and beverages.

Every time I have visited CEPT and KCA, I found myself being taken aback by its beauty and rawness. CEPT University reminds me of an ‘artwork-in-progress’. Colourful graffiti and sculptures populate the entire campus.

CEPT is definitely an epitome of ‘art’ in the city. It gives you the feeling as if it has a soul. (Photograph by Asavari Sharma).


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