Nature trails

Imagine a week in your life when you don’t check your mails on the phone, spend a significant amount of time doing everything unproductive on social networking sites and various chat apps or simply be a couch potato! Now just imagine being with the nature for that period. Trust me. That week is going to be the best time of your life.

Beach time.
Communicate with nature, communicate with yourself. Photograph by Asavari Sharma.

Honestly, in a world so fast-paced, it is impossible to find time for your loved ones and especially yourself. When one’s mind is constantly working and body is on the verge of collapsing, spending time with nature proves to be the best. Sleep early, stay away from all kinds of electronic gadgets, eat lots of green vegetables and fruits and just go on long nature trails. After a week, when you will again get sucked in the big, bad world, you will find a positive change within yourself – a change that will help you handle work and relationships better in life.

Remember: spending quality time with nature is the best medicine.


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