Coffee & Waffles

It’s 4 o’ clock in the afternoon. Hunger pangs have arrived and something delicious and filling is the need of the hour. So, what’s better than coffee and a plate of waffles?! The Chocolate Room is one such cafe bound to sate your taste buds. A dear friend of mine and I went to this cafe few days ago to try out their waffles. When we ordered, the waiter said it would take at least 20 minutes to prepare. We had no other choice but to wait. Our coffee, thankfully, arrived quickly. A steaming cup of coffee, perfectly blended with coffee, milk and sugar, won us both. Just as we were sipping the last drop of coffee, our piping hot waffles arrived smelling absolutely heavenly!

Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, the two pieces of waffles were dipped in Maple syrup. To add little beauty to the concoction, they sprinkled caramel all over the waffles which only triggered sweet attack in our mouths. The waffles were fresh, soft and crusty. They tasted delicious with the syrup which is one of my personal favourites. The combination with ice-cream and waffles is mouth-watering but at the same time, full of calories.

In a matter of few minutes only, we were done eating the entire plate. We would go back again to The Chocolate Room but not before we lose the calories that we gained in those ‘few minutes’!


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