A Crazy Lift Ride With Steve Jobs

STOP! STOP! STOP the lift!”, I screamed at the top of my lungs, while running towards it.

I was carrying my laptop bag, mobile phone in one hand and a huge takeaway from Starbucks in the other. I honestly didn’t have the energy to wait for the lift to stop at my floor for even a minute!

“Lucky!”, I sighed in my head, as I got inside the lift, while trying to put my ringing phone on silent.

“You look distressed. Are you okay, miss?”, the man standing behind me spoke.

I looked up—and realized that I had not even thanked the man for stopping the lift for me.

I looked behind and said, “Oh yes, I’m fine. Thanks for stopping the lift.” And, then I froze. Little did I know that the ‘man’ was none other than Steve Jobs!

My eyes widened and I looked back at the lift doors with disbelief.

“So I see you don’t use an iPhone”, Jobs pointed. I looked at my Samsung phone and laughed nervously. “Well, I find iPhones too complicated. Also, I drop phones too much. Can’t afford to break an iPhone, can I? That would be brutal”, I said, while desperately trying to justify myself in front of the bespectacled genius.

“Ha!”, he rolled his eyes and quipped, “Do you know that iPhones have a Do Not Disturb menu? This features allows the phone to silence incoming calls & notifications ONLY when the device is locked!”, he smiled with pride.

I kept staring at him in shock. “Is he trying to make fun of me?”, I asked myself.

Meanwhile, Jobs smile turned into a full-fledged grin. And, that made me feel at ease. I finally gathered myself and answered, “Oh, that’s fantastic! Makes life easier for sure!”.

But I still feel iPhones are too fragile. What if it falls on the road and breaks and I realize it’s not even insured? What am I going to do then? Buy a new one? No sir. No, thank you!”, I said in one-go with confidence.

“Yes, miss. I guess you will have to buy a new iPhone”, he winked and smiled at me and in a flash, was out of the lift.

I had not even realized that his floor had arrived. I closed my eyes and took the whole experience to be too surreal.

The lift stopped again. I opened my eyes. It wasn’t my floor.

It was Steve Jobs again! I was taken aback. Before I could make a sound, he got inside the lift and handed me a brand new iPhone 6.

“Keep it. Use it. But I know for sure you won’t drop it”, he said.

I looked at the beauty in rose gold and before I could thank him. The lift came to a halt. I got out and I said turned back to thank him, I dropped the iPhone and my Samsung phone, at the same time, on the floor. While Samsung remained intact, iPhone’s screen was shattered.

I didn’t know what to say. I looked up and saw Jobs slap his lift in frustration, as the doors of the lift closed between us.

Please note that this story is fictional and doesn’t hold an iota of truth. It was written on 16.01.2016 as a part of a Copy Test for a digital agency.

Enjoy the Story! 🙂


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