Japan Festival 2013

Besides being colourful and varied, Indian and Japanese culture run parallel when it comes to their age-old traditions and hospitality. After 10 Japanese companies signed MoUs with the Gujarat government at a business event in Ahmedabad in December, Gujaratis are now bucking themselves up to have a slice of the Japanese tiramisu.

Since 2009, Indo-Japan Friendship Association (IJFA), Gujarat government and Ahmedabad Management Association have been organizing Japan Festival in Ahmedabad for exposing the city to their culture and also to equally reap favourably economic benefits.


(Photographs by Asavari Sharma).

The third edition of the fest was held in the city from December 20 to 22. Various documentaries and films like “The Chef of South Pole”, “Osaka – Hamlet”, “Always”, etc were screened at AMA. Workshops of Origami, Ikebana, Bonsai and Tea Ceremony were also conducted. The tea ceremony workshop grabbed more eyeballs from the rest as it was a new addition.

There was also an exhibition of everything Japanese – traditional toys, cuisines, paintings, etc. Overall, it was a successful festival drawing crowds from all walks of life. Check out the gallery for photographs.

P.S. The enthusiastic participants thought the tea tasted like henna.


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