Reality shows don’t make a singer: Durga Jasraj

‘Born lucky’ –  Durga Jasraj. Source: The Hindu.


Born to Pandit Jasraj and film director, Madhura, Durga Jasraj feels she was born lucky. And, she also feels that singing in reality shows doesn’t really carve  out careers. Durga, who was in the city on Saturday to present ‘Idea Jalsa – Music for the soul’ a 14-city Indian musical concert tour featuring over 88 genres and 150 musicians, has dabbled in acting, singing and TV anchoring. She is the founder of entertainment programming company ‘Art and Artistes’, and she thinks it is due to genetic default that she wanted to put the Indian classical music on a larger platform to penetrate on a large scale.

She believes that though reality shows like “Indian Idol” make excellent TV shows, they can’t carve out a career for anyone. “In reality shows, ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ has done exceptionally well because it didn’t try to ape some foreign concept. Being rooted in Indian ethos helped it. That’s why people, who became achievers later, are from this show. If you have to be a professional, you have to sing well and work hard. You have to be chosen by the people of the industry. If you ask the public to just vote in, they will vote only on the basis of caste, colour, creed or religion. That’s not the reason why people listen to music. How often do you think of Rehman being who he is. You just love the music and that’s it!,” said Durga who also credits Bollywood for doing its bit to promote talent.

“I wanted to start my company before I did television but wasn’t getting a proper opportunity even though I did few projects like producing music for ‘Femina Miss India’. It’s when I got a call from Zee TV to anchor ‘Antakshari’. I thought: “This is music and if I become famous, then people will listen to me”. That’s how I agreed and when I became famous, it didn’t take long to swing back and start my own company in 1998. As soon as I bagged my project, I quit television,” she said.

She calls her father her ‘guru’ and realizes how fortunate she is to be his daughter. “My father is such a positive person. He never looks down upon any genre of music. He doesn’t believe in being rigid. He appreciates good music. He is the only artist I know who has been saying that the next generation is better than him. I really admire that kind of openness in music when you are completely committed to classical music. I have never seen this trait in any artist,” she said.

Grammy awardee-Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, who plays the Mohan Veena, sitarist and co-founder of Saptak school of music Manju Mehta, Tabla soloist Subhankar Banerjee and young vocalist Ramakant Gaikwad will be performing at the Jalsa on Sunday in the city. Besides this, the first ever musical biography of Sangeet Martand Pt. Jasraj will be presented at the event.

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Published by The Sunday Express, Ahmedabad (Late City edition) on December 15, 2013.


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