Amdavadis get flavour of Japanese tea ceremony

While at the Ceremony. Pic clicked by me.
Enthusiastic participants preparing and drinking the ‘Japanese’ tea. Photograph by Asavari Sharma.


Giving Amdavadis a lesson in Japanese culture of hospitality, a one-hour long  workshop on “Japanese Tea Ceremony – Chanoyu” was held here for the first time. As a part of the 3rd Japan Festival 2013, this workshop was hosted by Kazushige Hiraishi, Vice Consul of Culture and Information Section, Consulate of Japan, for over 80 Amdavadis on Saturday at the Ahmedabad Management Association on Saturday. Here, he taught them the choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese Green Tea. Explaining the meaning of Chanoyu, Kazushige said, “Cha means tea. O means hot water. Nyu means of. So in other words, its means “tea of hot water”. What I demonstrated today was Bon Ryaku Temae or the simplified Japanese tea ceremony.” The Japanese tea ceremony is not just about drinking tea. It is a culture of hospitality. It involves appealing to the five senses by customizing the tea ceremony to a specific theme and season including clothes, food and interior decoration of the tea room.

Original link:

Published by The Sunday Express, Ahmedabad (Late City edition) on December 22.


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