For the love of “Iftar” food

Located at Synagogue Street in Pune, “Imdadi” is a hot-spot for families, youngsters and old people alike. It is often quoted as the best place to have Iftar food. Some of its specialties are Chicken Tandoori, Tandoori Fried Quail, Kebabs of all kind – chicken, beef, mutton, Beef Dalcha, Beef Khichda and Mutton Rashida. Those who like indulging in sweets after a meal must try Halwa-Parantha and Phirni. Imdadi also offers Kashmiri cold drink which is to die for and a variety of  flavoured Faludas. “Imdadi” is open from five in the evening to eleven at night. The scrumptious delicacies served are also not very heavy on the pocket. Iftar for two can be easily enjoyed within a budget of Rs. 250-300.



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