Before the summer takes your leave, relish the remaining hot days with these healthy sorbets. In conversation with Chef Parimal, executive sous chef at Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad.

Summer is on its way out as monsoon’s settling in. How about ‘wrapping up’ the hot climes with some easy, homemade sorbets?

If I am asked to prepare a quick dessert, I would choose to impress with a sorbet. And that is because it is not only easy to prepare but is also a healthy option compared to our ‘regular’ cream-laden ice creams. Pronounced as sor-bay, this world’s-favourite-dessert only comprises ice and fruit puree. Now, doesn’t that make it healthy? It is actually a part of a full-course meal and is served between two courses.

It has a lovely, crunchy texture which is light and easy on the stomach. I first tried my hand at a sorbet in 2002 and the flavour I experimented with was that of sugarcane. The best part was that it was well-appreciated by all.

When it comes to my favourite sorbet, it is undoubtedly the jamun-flavoured sorbet. I like the sugarcane sorbet too but with jamuns, you can add some chilli powder and salt to make it tangier. The best thing about sorbets is you can experiment to your heart’s content. You don’t have to restrict to a particular fruit or flavour.

Sorbets can be prepared with vegetables too. Cucumber, basil and other seasonal vegetables are a hit for soup sorbets. I have tried the tomato and basil sorbet which not only has many health benefits, but is delicious too. However, I have not seen many restaurants offering sorbets in Ahmedabad. Even if you find them, they only offer you some of them common flavours like mango. Although many prefer readymade desserts, I suggest you try and prepare these sorbets at home. The ingredients are simple and the method is even simpler. You don’t even need an ice cream maker for this.

Here, I am presenting some unique and yummy sorbets and the flavours will linger in one’s mouth for days to come. Check it out yourself!

— As told to Asavari Sharma

To read the icy and sweet article, click this link: How ’bout a sorbet?

Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on June 23, 2013.


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