On a musical trip


Amdavadi boy Divyang Arora debuts with Mere Haule Dost that releases on Friday.

Photograph by AM.

He has been part of various music bands and has performed for young audiences, but Divyang Arora describes himself as a “shy boy” who lets his music speak for him. At 26, Divyang marks his Bollywood debut as music director of upcoming film Mere Haule Dost directed by Nitin Raghunath.

Talking about his experience of working for a Hindi film, Divyang says, “I haven’t restricted myself to any genre of music. There are five characters in MHD and so I have given a different sound to every character. What’s good is that everyone will relate to the film’s music as there is a bit of something for everyone.”

Divyang, who started playing the drums when he was all of eight, says musician A R Rahman is his biggest inspiration besides Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd. “What Rahman has done with the sound of Bollywood is brilliant. He is one person I really look up to,” says Divyang. The “occassional bassist” also likes Sufi music once in a while and “admires singers like Reshma and Abida Parveen”.

But there’s one thing this musician avoids. “I don’t like my voice and hence avoid singing. However, I have sung a couple of times and people haven’t quite criticised it!” he laughs. Divyang is also working on an untitled Telugu film. “The film is in its initial stages but I have already recorded seven tracks. Since it is a romcom, I thought of keeping the music fresh and happy. There are no extreme tones, the music is subtle and will please your ears,” he sums up.

Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on June 4, 2013.


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