Oh, so sweet!

Desserts are welcome in any form and shape for that sweet tooth, right? Chill in the sweltering heat with some new, one-of-its-kind sweets. In conversation with Anil Kumar, executive chef at Hotel Park Plaza, Ahmedabad.

Who doesn’t like to bite into a pastry or gorge on desi ghee ke ladoos? I am sure there are people whose meals are never complete without sweets. Although I specialise in sushi and continental, I also love to bake. It gives me the liberty of being innovative in the kitchen; it is almost therapeutic for me.
My favourite dessert is baked yogurt. I not only enjoy preparing it, I also love to indulge in it once in a while. I love how baked yogurts can be prepared in various flavours. Since I prefer blueberries the most, I like the baked blueberry yogurt.

Nowadays, cheese and cream-based desserts are preferred most by sweet lovers. It has caught the attention of Amdavadis too. So we chefs keep experimenting with these two ingredients a lot. With summer at its peak, people love to indulge in something creamy and cheesy which is also light on one’s tummy. Now is the time to get as creative as you can with cheese and cream. And now is the time to brush up your creativity in the kitchen and prepare desserts that are not available at every other bakery.

Here, I have prepared desserts which comprise ingredients like cream, figs, cornmeal and filo pastry. With these things in hand, you can open your own world of confectionery. Of course, you’ll have to think out of the box to make them visually tempting too. Happy baking!

 — As told to Asavari Sharma

To read the sweet, lip-smacking article, click this link: Oh, so sweet!

Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on May 26, 2013.


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