Snack that!

Vacations are in full swing and so is the heat… Cooking up something different each time for your little ones is a tough task, but with a little creativity it can be fun. In conversation with Chef Shivam Kothari, Chef at Mint Route, Ahmedabad.

When was the last time you ‘invented’ a healthy snack in the kitchen? While mommies are always worried about school tiffins, vacation is also a time that is challenging. Children play a lot and hence they will be more demanding when it comes to food. To lure them, we have to come up with innovative as well as healthy ideas. And that is a challenge.

Besides the ‘usual’ three meals, children enjoy snacking. I, too, was no exception. I remember how my mum used to pack yummy parantha rolls with aloo ki sabzi or tomato ketchup for school. I loved bread pakodas too.

Today’s mothers not only take care of the family, they are also professionally engaged. And it is apparent that they do not have much time to prepare healthy snacks for their children. However, thanks to cookery shows and magazines, moms have become ‘adventurous’ in the kitchen. They now know about ‘so-called exotic’ vegetables and ingredients like basil, parsley, olive oil and cherry tomatoes.

Women are health conscious and want their children to eat healthy, even if it is snacks. These snacks should be nutritious and filling. The main idea behind snacking is to provide a wholesome diet.
I have prepared pizzas, quesadillas and fajitas. Now you may wonder what’s different about these. Since these are baked or grilled, they are nutritious. Also, the filling in fajitas and quesadillas can be of any leftover sabzi or rice. You can also use chappatis as base.

The best thing is that mums will find it convenient as these do not take more than 20 minutes to prepare. Also, it gives them the space to be creative.

Happy holiday cooking!

—As told to Asavari Sharma

To read the wholesome, scrumptious article, click this link: Snack That!

Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on May 19, 2013.


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