Women, Time to Sit and Listen!


Photograph by AM.

IPS officer Atul Karwal hosted a session on women emancipation, as part of Happy Summer 2013 – a month-long workshop organised by Samvedana and Jyoti Sangh, on Saturday. The officer, who is also a keen adventurer, talked of his expedition to Mt Everest and also showed a powerpoint presentation on it. He also mentioned about the only two women who were part of the group to the mountains. “They successfully completed the climb along with us,” he said.

“Our limitations are in our mind. When there is a drive to achieve something, no matter how tired you are, you will definitely emerge a winner,” he said. He highlighted that every woman should have a benchmark. “Every woman should aim at conquering her own Mt Everest and work towards achieving the goal,” he added.

Karwal feels there is not a fixed or best method to empower women. “The problem starts when we start taking the girl as a liability and think boys are assets who will help their parents out in the future. Also, why gift utensils to girls and toy guns to boys to play with? Let the boys cook!” he urged.

“Women believe in understanding the principle behind everything. Since they are always looked upon as underdogs, they have a lot to prove and thus work harder than men. Whatever they do, they do with a vengeance,” he added. The month-long workshops had sessions on Creative Arts like Madhubani painting techniques, block printing, glass painting, etc. There were also sessions on paper quilling, papier mache, dance, etc. The crowd comprised women of all age-groups at the event held at the Jyoti Sangh premises.

Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on May 12, 2013.


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