The colour purple

On Mother’s Day today, pick up black plum, a delectable fruit of the season, and make your mother feel special on her day. In conversation with Chef Parimal Sawant, executive sous chef at Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad.

We cherish having our mom around, but then, we need a day to express how special she is. Today is the day and if you plan to surprise her, ditch materialistic gifts and enter the kitchen to make her some unforgettable sweets.

Since it is advised to have fruits in summer, you can opt for a fruity dessert for your mom. The first fruit that comes to mind is mango. It is the most conventional fruit enjoyed by most people in the blazing heat. It is undoubtedly the King of Fruits. However, sometimes we ‘forget’ there are other seasonal fruits too that are equally yummy.

I have seen jamuns (black plums) and other berries sold in abundance on roadside laaris in Ahmedabad. Jamuns, especially, are a hit with fruit vendors here. It is also my favourite fruit and there are many a memories attached to it. I remember how I used to climb trees to pluck jamuns for my friends. Another fond memory is of how mom used to give me a bowl of chopped jamuns sprinkled with salt and paprika.

Jamun is an out-and-out local fruit rich in taste and flavour. That’s why I decided to prepare three dishes which not only keep up the mood of the season but are also yummy. The first dish I prepared for mom was a Shahjahani biryani and she had loved it. Out of the three dishes I’ve prepared here, I think mom would have loved the jamun and nariyal ki chikki. It’s your turn, go ahead and prepare something for her. Make her feel extra special.

—As told to Asavari Sharma

Why you should have jamuns?
It is rich in glucose and fructose and also has lots of minerals which makes it a nutritious option in summer. It is rich in Vitmain-B and is good for people who are health and fitness-conscious as it contains only 3-4 per cent of calories. It is also used in many ayurvedic medicines. Jamuns are fibrous too and can make your dull and boring salad colourful as well as highly nutritious. Jamun salad with palm fruits and summer leafy vegetables like lettuce is apt for fitness conscious people.

To read the purple-ish article, click this link: The Colour Purple

Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on May 12, 2013.


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