The disciplined beauty


Fitness and beauty expert Vandana Luthra tells us what it takes to stay wow.

This is perhaps the right season to talk about looking after one’s skin and maintaining beauty. And what better than have someone ‘body beautiful’ do that. Beauty expert Vandana Luthra was in Ahmedabad on Thursday to tells us how to beat the heat ‘beautifully’.

Source: Sandesh News


“It is most important to have a healthy body. If you’re healthy, you stay happy. Also, there is no perfect size or weight,” says the 53-year-old beauty expert and a mother of two. But, did she never put on weight? “An Indian woman has to run the house, look after her children and husband and work as well. Where is the time to sit? I didn’t have the luxury of maids so I had to do chores myself. I always worked towards staying healthy.”


Having followed a “strict exercise regime”, Luthra believes it is important to be disciplined. “I do 45 minutes of cardio and then Suryanamaskar every day. I play tennis and swim too. It’s all about being disciplined,” she says, admitting to her love for food. “I have four to five small meals and keep myself hydrated. If you are in good shape, you feel happy,” she says.


Luthra warns us against blaming food for weight gain. “Having food is not the problem; your obsession with food is. We should try to substitute unhealthy food with a nutritious diet. Your weight should be in proportion with your height,” she said.

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Photograph by AM.

“I like the way Shilpa Shetty has maintained herself. She eats well and exercises religiously. She is fit and healthy even post-pregnancy. Sridevi also has a fit body. Aishwarya Rai, for example, hasn’t been able to lose the fat. You must lose excess weight within eight to nine months post delivery. As far as Bollywood heroes go, they are all fit, be it SRK, Akshay Kumar or John Abraham. It’s the women who need to take more care,” says Luthra.

» Always oil your hair before shampooning.
» Use a sun-block cream before you step out in the sun.
» Eat papayas, avocados, pumpkins and almonds for a healthy skin.
» Do a daily under-eye massage for five minutes.
» An Indian woman’s skin is soft, apply milk or curd on face. Avoid soap. If need be, use a mild soap to remove make-up.
» Drink plenty of water.
» Eat fibrous food.
» Avoid fried or ghee-laced food.

» Eye-shadow creams are ‘in’ as they don’t melt in the heat. Fuchsia and papaya-orange are hot picks.
» Hot pink and dramatic orange lip colours are in. If you wear minimal eye make-up and add a dab of hot pink or orange, the eyes will look highlighted.
» Dusky women can wear coals or shimmer of any colour. Gold and bronze looks good on dusky  complexions. Hot, metallic gloss is good too.


I do 45 minutes of cardio and then Suryanamaskar every day. I play tennis and swim, too. I have four to five small meals and keep myself hydrated. It’s all about being disciplined. If you are in good shape, you feel happy.


Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on May 10, 2013.


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