AMC’s national book fair to tap e-book trend


Second edition of book fair, from May 1 to 7, will have 10 stalls devoted to e-books; Gujarati e-books will also be available.

Preparations are on a fast track for the second edition of the ‘Amdavad National Book Fair’. Photograph by AM.

From turning pages of a book to the trend of tapping or clicking your smartphone or tablet to flip a page of the electronic book (ebook)— the world of books is changing fast. With a vast array of affordable gadgets flooding the market, many avid readers are embracing ebooks. And Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is cashing in on this trend as they organise the city’s second national book fair in May.

The fair will have around 10 stalls dedicated to e-books. “Today’s youth is tech-savvy and has developed the habit of reading electronic books,” said Municipal Commissioner Guruprasad Mohapatra. “We want to encourage reading and are creating space for e-book lovers too.”

Image Source: AM

Student Titash Paul, 17, said, “I found ebook versions of several books which I couldn’t find in stores. That is such a plus point.” On the flip side there are traditionalists like Chaitali Barot, 22, a businesswoman, who have not taken to the trend. “Reading e-books is not only uncomfortable but they are costly and not always easily available,” she said.The news has thrilled avid readers, many of whom now prefer e-books to paperbacks. E-books, with their plus points like instant access, sharing options, comparatively lower prices and mobility, are an increasing trend. Srichand Motiani, 42, a chemical engineer, said, “One can easily carry an e-book on a pen drive instead of a heavy book. It makes travelling easy.”

Nineteen-year-old BBA student Jay Totlani said, “It is difficult to read e-books. Constantly staring into the electronic gadget is strenuous to the eye.” But the e-book stalls may just convert this mindset. Stall owners will provide customers with information about gadgets which are e-book friendly and even links to download books.

Books will also be available on CDs. The e-book stalls intend to reach out to publishers also to teach them how to digitise their paperbacks. Mohapatra said, “Soft copies of Gujarati books will also be on sale for the first time. We will give out more information at a later stage.” The second ‘Amdavad National Book Fair’ will be held from May 1 to 7.

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Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on April 28, 2013.


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