Set-top box deadline ends but viewers suffer no break


Cable TV users in the city continue to receive telecasts of their favourite soap operas without set-top boxes, despite HC ruling.

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Representation photograph provided by AM.

In an unexpected reprieve, television- owners without set-top boxes continued to receive transmissions on Wednesday. The Gujarat High Court had rejected several petitions to extend the deadline for digitisation of TV through set-top boxes in the city.

TVs without set-top boxes were expected to go blank. However, cable TV continued to stream even without set-top boxes. Thaltej resident Manali Kukreja said, “We didn’t experience any blackout. Our cable TV is working fine,” she said, adding that she does plan on having a set-top box installed.

“Now that it’s compulsory, we will definitely get one,” she said. Ashita Jain, a student who lives in the Judges’ Bungalow Road area, hasn’t had any problems either. “Our cable TV is coming as usual. We haven’t experienced problems yet.” Only 70 per cent of the city’s televihasn’t had any problems either.

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Photograph by AM.

“Our cable TV is coming as usual. We haven’t experienced problems yet.” Only 70 per cent of the city’s televisions have been digitised. The rest are expected to go digital in May. Director of GTPL Vision, Kaium Ajmeri said, “Every household in Ahmedabad will have a set-top box by the end of May.”

He warned that the state government could pull the plug on analogous cable TV at any time, even if it hasn’t done so yet. Digitisation will help cable operators keep track of the city’s cable connections. According to an official in the District Collector’s Office, “Multiple-system operators in the city currently pay Rs 6 per month in entertainment tax. This could triple or quadruple once digitization is complete.


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Published by Ahmedabad Mirror (Times Group) on April 18, 2013.


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