Asavari loves chocolate, lot’s of it. For fun, you’ll often find her glued to a TV show or a movie, taking a nap or sipping endless cups of ‘chai’. At work, she’s a content marketer extraordinaire and is often found typing furiously on her laptop and biting her nails simultaneously, just to meet deadlines!

She loves communicating in third person.

Nah – she’s kidding. Okay, maybe a little. You’ll love her. 😉



If there’s one person you can count on for quality and timely work, it is Asavari! Be it social media marketing, content marketing or simply writing well-researched articles, she is the person you can count on. Looking forward to working on a lot more interesting projects together.

Vanhishikha Bhargava


It is an absolute delight working with Asavari. Her work ethic is something that inspires alot of people. Even with time crunches, dead lines and immense pressure on her head she can work in the most composed manner. Clearly, she is amazing at what she does!

Supreet Dhillon

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